Today I was travelling to Narok from Nakuru and back. It’s such a long journey. I86km, that should inform you I spent more than 6 hours sitting in the matatu. And you know the terrible situation of our matatus.

I have developed this discipline of  listening to sermons from my phone through earphones while travelling, unfortunately I misplaced my earphones. Woe unto me today i missed God’s oracle through my favourite preacher John piper.
But Everything workth for good of them that love God.

That gave me an opportunity to read some books I bought during Ezra conference; “holy Joe” and “the true Vine” . Awesome books I tell you. I finished holy Joe before I reached Naivasha. I love how Ernest Wamboye approaches the issue of sexual purity. A story for another day.

Let me go back to my agenda before I shift from what I wanted to share.
While travelling back to Naruku something got my attention. Hehehe blame tiresome. Behind me there were these two people a man and a lady. Of well advanced in age. From the conversation I could tell there are not couples in fact the lady boarded the vehicle in Naivasha but the man had come all the way from Narok.

” let me tell you, am a different kind of a person. You can believe me. I separated with my husband in 2003 when my children were in lower primary and they are both in university and NO many have ever  knocked my door.”

Wow that’s good news, but wait. separated? …..with your husband?…… 13years ago? ….. That stirred my curiosity. I wanted to hear more. Blame my love for family.

The story continued and of course I continued to listen. Oooh a story of no hope, a bitter, bitter story. At some point I clicked my mouth I was mad. The woman was narrating painful experiences during her marriage days. She painfully poured her heart out; ” My husband went to an extent of bringing other women in our matrimonial bed in my presence, she didn’t respect not even our children leave alone my family.”

That broke my heart. Endless questions of why, how,when and what went wrong with marriage institution couldn’t leave my mind. You will agree with me that such stories are common in our days.

The marriage institution seem to be collapsing. Didn’t God create marriage? Isn’t He the author of this institution? Is marriage and family not God’s own heart? What is happening? What is happening(whispers).

After thinking for sometime the lord deposited something in my heart. You know what. The devil hates you. He hate your education, he hate your salvation , he hate your family,he hate your marriage today and the days to come. He hate God’s agenda for your life. And because he knows that marriage lies in God’s heart he is roaming like a lion looking for one to devour. Unfortunately he seem to be succeeding. That not good news of course.

But here good news. There is hope. There is hope my dear brothers and sisters. There is hope for this institution in these generation and others to come.
Devil has no power. He is defeated. In fact he is fighting a battle he lost 2000 years ago.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. And as we know his work is to steal,kill and destroy. But the son of man came to do exactly the opposite, to restore, build and give life and life in abundance.

That remind me, plenary session in Ezra from the book of Micah. You see Samaria and Jerusalem had lost hope. There’s was destruction,exile and death but the LORD promised restoration. After He punished them. He restored them. “Restoration is not only returning to origin state but its taking to a better a new level” Dr christine Mutua the main expositor.
That the good news. The lord is restoring the marriage institution. Today and in future

I can therefore confidentiality like Micah.  Say ” But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my savior; my God will hear me.” Micah 7:7…. My marriage will be successful. Your also in Jesus name.


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